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I will mix and master your tracks for you to get them sounding bananas for commercial release on streaming platforms. 

Mixing is the art of balancing each sound in the song and making each element work together. Using autotune, equalizers, compressors, saturators, exciters and many other effects we can shape the sound to get it how you want it. In my process I bring up the volume of the most important elements that drive the track, and then I bring up the volume of the other instruments. This way we start from scratch and everything sits nicely in the mix. I usually mix in the mornings when my ears are fresh to get the best results. 

Mastering is the art of taking that mix and lifting it up. Bringing up the loudness to industry standard, and giving it life by making the elements of the track clear and pronounced. Basically mastering takes everything good about the mix and makes it better. 

My rate is a flat rate of 75$ per mix and 75$ per master. If you wish to come to my studio in Calgary please contact me to book a session. 

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